Full Papers

No. 15 — Wassim Swaileh, Michel Jordan and Dimitrios Kotzinos, 3D Modelling Approach for Ancient Floor Plans’ Quick Browsing”PosterTeaser
No. 22 — Solène Tarride, Aurélie Lemaitre, Bertrand Coüasnon and Sophie Tardivel, A comparative study of information extraction strategies using an attention-based neural network”PosterTeaser
No. 34 — Ibrahim Souleiman Mahamoud, Michaël Coustaty, Aurélie Joseph, Vincent Poulain d’Andecy and Jean-Marc Ogier, Qalayout :Question answering Layout based on multimodal Attention for visual question answering on corporate Document”PosterTeaser
No. 51 — Alexander Mattick, Martin Mayr, Andreas Maier and Vincent Christlein, “Is multi-task learning always better?”PosterTeaser
No. 67 — Athar Sefid and C. Lee Giles, SciBERTSUM: Extractive Summarization for Scientific Documents”PosterTeaser
No. 75 — Panagiotis Kaddas and Basilis Gatos, “Using Multi-level Segmentation Features for Document Image Classification”PosterTeaser
No. 17 — Mohamed El Baha, Olivier Augereau, Sofiya Kobylyanskaya, Ioana Vasilescu and Laurence Devillers, “Eye Got It : a System for Automatic Calculation of the Eye-Voice Span.”Poster
No. 55 — Mathieu Francois, Véronique Eglin and Maxime Biou, “Text detection and post-OCR correction in Engineering Documents”PosterTeaser
No. 78 — Muhammad Atif Butt, Adnan Ul-Hasan and Faisal Shafait, “TraffSign: Multilingual Traffic Signboard Text Detection and Recognition for Urdu and English”PosterTeaser
No. 62 — Sergi Garcia, George Tom, Sangeeth Battu, Minesh Mathew, Marçal Rusiñol, C.V. Jawahar and Dimosthenis Karatzas, “Read while you Drive – Multilingual Text Tracking on the Road”Poster
No. 98 — Richin Sukesh, Mathias Seuret, Anguelos Nikolaou, Martin Mayr and Vincent Christlein, “A Fair Evaluation of Deep Learning-based Binarization Methods”PosterTeaser

Short Papers

No. 25 — Christina Christodoulakis, Moshe Gabel and Angela Demke Brown, “Leveraging Guides to Empower Open Data Research”PosterTeaser
No. 42 — Giorgos Sfikas, George Retsinas and Basilis Gatos, “Exploring uses of Normalizing Flows for Document Image Processing: Text Super-resolution and Binarization”PosterTeaser
No. 53 — Soumyadeep Dey and Pratik Jawanpuriya, “Confidence Score for Unsupervised Foreground Background Separation of Document Images”PosterTeaser
No. 99 — Stefan Larson, Gordon Lim, Yutong Ai and Brian Chen, “Out-of-Distribution Performance in Document Image Classification: Initial Findings”PosterTeaser
No. 103 — María Villota, Cesar Dominguez, Jónathan Heras, Eloy Javier Mata and Vico Pascual, “Text Classification Models for Form Entity Linking”PosterTeaser
No. 108 — Lara Younes and Montaser Awal, “Face detection in identity documents: an efficient security feature under challenging constraints”PosterTeaser
No. 109 — Florian Arrestier, Guillaume Chiron and Ahmad Montaser Awal, “One-Shot classification of ID Documents”PosterTeaser
No. 110 — Mircea Trifan, Bogdan Ionescu and Dan Ionescu, “Combining Hadamard Matrix with Deep Learning for Sentence Embedding”PosterTeaser