Outstanding research papers presented at DAS are selected for several awards to recognize the high quality of corresponding contributions. Committees composed of renowned members from the community are appointed by the program co-chairs for deciding these awards from short-listed reviewed candidate papers. A vote takes place to determine the award winners.

Conflicts of interest involving the candidate papers are considered when deciding who will serve on an award committee, and no one with a conflict is permitted to serve on the committee for the award in question.

All accepted papers are systematically eligible to be selected as candidates for Best Paper and Best Poster awards. To be eligible for more specific awards, authors must confirm their eligibility when submitting their paper using the EasyChair system.

For the Best Student Paper, the authors must check the submission form box certifying that the student listed as a first author is a major contributor to the proposed work. This condition makes the paper eligible for the Best Student Paper Award. The candidate author must have a student registration when submitting the paper.

This year DAS will select the papers for the following awards. The awards will be announced during the closing ceremony of DAS 2022.

Nakano Award (Best Paper Award)

Winner : Paper#90 Thibault Douzon, Christophe Garcia, Stefan Duffner and Jérémy Espinas. Improving Information Extraction on Business Documents with Specific Pre Training Tasks

Best Student Paper Award 

Winner: Paper#64 Xiaotong Ji, Yan Zheng, Daiki Suehiro and Seiichi Uchida. Revealing Reliable Signatures by Learning Top-Rank Pairs

Honorable Mention Best Student Paper

Winner: Paper#54 Thomas Constum, Nicolas Kempf, Thierry Paquet, Pierrick Tranouez and Clément Chatelain. Recognition and information extraction in historical handwritten tables: toward understanding early 20th century Paris census

Some photos of the award ceremony:

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