Full Papers

No. 92 — Paired Image to Image Translation for Strikethrough Removal from Handwritten Words Raphaela Heil, Ekta Vats and Anders HastSlides
No. 64 — Revealing Reliable Signatures by Learning Top-Rank Pairs Xiaotong Ji, Yan Zheng, Daiki Suehiro and Seiichi UchidaSlides
No. 76 — On-The-Fly Deformations for Keyword Spotting George Retsinas, Giorgos Sfikas, Basilis Gatos and Christophoros NikouSlides
No. 12 — Writer Identification and Writer Retrieval using Vision Transformer for Forensic Documents Michael Koepf, Florian Kleber and Robert SablatnigSlides
No. 27 ­— Approximate Search for Keywords in Handwritten Text Images José Andrés, Alejandro H. Toselli and Enrique VidalSlides
No. 36 — Keyword Spotting with Quaternionic ResNet: Application to Spotting in Greek Manuscripts Giorgos Sfikas, George Retsinas, Angelos P. Giotis, Basilis Gatos and Christophoros NikouSlides