Full Papers

No. 74 — Best Practices for a Handwritten Text Recognition systemGeorge Retsinas, Giorgos Sfikas, Basilis Gatos and Christophoros NikouSlides
No. 9 ­— Rescoring Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Text Line Recognition with CTC-PrefixesChristoph Wick, Jochen Zöllner and Tobias GrüningSlides
No. 28 ­— A Light Transformer-Based Architecture for Handwritten Text RecognitionKillian Barrere, Yann Soullard, Aurélie Lemaitre and Bertrand CoüasnonSlides
No. 87 — Effective Crowdsourcing in the EDT Project with Probabilistic IndexesJoan Andreu Sanchez, Enrique Vidal and Vicente BoschSlides