Full Papers

No. 73 — Hai Thi Tuyet Nguyen, Adam Jatowt, Mickael Coustaty and Antoine Doucet, “ReadOCR: A Novel Dataset and Readability Assessment of OCRed Texts”PosterTeaser
No. 21 — Ahmad Droby, Daria Vasyutinsky Shapira, Irina Rabaev, Berat Kurar and Jihad El-Sana, “Hard and Soft Labeling for Hebrew Paleography: A Case Study”PosterTeaser
No. 59 — Dmitrijs Kass and Ekta Vats, AttentionHTR: Handwritten Text Recognition Based on Attention Encoder-Decoder Networks”PosterTeaser
No. 80 — Borak Madi, Reem Alaasam, Ahmad Droby and Jihad El-Sana, HST-GAN: Historical Style Transfer GAN for Generating Historical Text Images”PosterTeaser
No. 89 — Sofiane Medjram and Véronique Eglin, Challenging children handwriting recognition study exploiting synthetic, mixed and real data”PosterTeaser
No. 5 — Gonzalo Santamaría, Cesar Dominguez, Jónathan Heras, Eloy Mata and Vico Pascual, Combining image processing techniques, OCR, and OMR for the digitization of musical books”PosterTeaser
No. 18 — David Villanova-Aparisi, Carlos-D. Martínez-Hinarejos, Verónica Romero and Moisés Pastor-Gadea, “Evaluation of Named Entity Recognition in handwritten documents”PosterTeaser
No. 45 — Adrià Molina Rodríguez, Josep Lladós Canet, Oriol Ramos Terrades and Lluis Gomez Bigorda, A Generic Date Estimation System for Historical Document Images based on Ordinal Classification”PosterTeaser
No. 79 — Martin Mayr, Alex Felker, Andreas Maier and Vincent Christlein, Combining Visual and Linguistic Models for a Robust Recipient Line Recognition in Historical Documents”PosterTeaser
No. 41 ­— Konstantina Nikolaidou, Richa Upadhyay, Mathias Seuret and Marcus Liwicki, Investigating the Effect of using Synthetic and Semi-synthetic Images for Historical Document Classification”PosterTeaser

Short Papers

No. 31 — Basilis Gatos, Giorgos Sfikas, Panagiotis Kaddas and George Retsinas, “CULDILE: Cultural Dimensions of Deep Learning, A Document Analysis System for Historical Documents”PosterTeaser
No. 43 — Jonathan DeGange, Swapnil Gupta, Zhuoyu Han, Krzysztof Wilkosz and Adam Karwan, “Document Intelligence Metrics for Visually Rich Document Evaluation”Poster
No. 88 — Daniel Lopresti, “The Human Element in Document Analysis Systems”PosterTeaser
No. 94 — Mark-Christoph Müller, “Robust Extraction of Marked-Up Text Sections from Scientific Document Printouts”Poster
No. 106 — Alexander Groleau, Kok Wei Chee and Stefan Larson, “Augraphy: Data Augmentation for Document Images”PosterTeaser
No. 107 — Alexander Groleau, Stefan Larson and Kok Wei Chee, “ShabbyPages, a Robust Corpus for Training Document Image Models”PosterTeaser
No. 111 — Tarun Kumar and Himanshu Sharad Bhatt, “Evaluating Table Structure Recognition: A New Perspective”PosterTeaser