Full Papers

No. 58 — Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Extracting Information from Registration and Legal DocumentsRamon Pires, Fabio Souza, Guilherme Rosa, Roberto Lotufo and Rodrigo Nogueira, Slides
No. 63 ­— Contrastive Graph Learning with Graph Convolutional NetworksG Nagendar and Ramachandrula Sitaram
No. 90 — Improving Information Extraction on Business Documents with Specific Pre Training TasksThibault Douzon, Christophe Garcia, Stefan Duffner and Jérémy EspinasSlides
No. 71 —How Confident Was Your Reviewer? Estimating Reviewer Confidence From Peer Review TextsPrabhat Kumar Bharti, Tirthankar Ghosal, Mayank Agrawal and Asif EkbalSlides