Full Papers

No. 16 — A Comprehensive Comparison of Open-Source Libraries for Handwritten Text Recognition in NorwegianMartin Maarand, Yngvil Beyer, Andre Kåsen, Knut Fosseide and Christopher KermorvantSlides
No. 19 ­— Open Source Handwritten Text Recognition on Medieval Manuscripts using Mixed Models and Document-Specific FinetuningChristian Reul, Stefan Tomasek, Florian Langhanki and Uwe SpringmannSlides
No. 23 ­— A Comprehensive Study of Open-source Libraries for Named Entity Recognition on Handwritten Historical DocumentsClaire Bizon Monroc, Blanche Miret, Marie-Laurence Bonhomme and Christopher KermorvantSlides
No. 60 ­— A Benchmark of NER Approaches in Historical DocumentsNathalie Abadie, Edwin Carlinet, Joseph Chazalon and Bertrand DuménieuSlides
No. 20 ­— NCERT5K-IITRPR: A Benchmark Dataset for Non-Textual Component Detection in School BooksHadia Showkat Kawoosa, Mandhatya Singh, Manoj Manikrao Joshi and Puneet Goyal